The Classification of Ball Making Equipment

The ball making equipment is mainly classified into a cylinder ball making equipment and disc ball making equipment two categories.
(A) Cylinder ball making equipment
The cylinder ball making equipment belongs to the early pelletizing equipment used in pelletizing plant. Its structure is similar to that of cylindrical mixer used in sintering plant; a scraper is installed parallel to the cylinder wall within cylinder and water device is installed in the front end of the cylinder. The diameter of cylinder is 2.44 ~ 3.5m and the length is usually 2.5 to 3.5 times of the diameter. The circumferential speed of the cylinder is 0.35 ~ 1.35m / s with speed range of usually 8 ~ 16r/min and angle of about 6 degrees.
Cylinder ball making equipment has simple structure, reliable equipment, smooth operation, less maintenance, large output and strong adaptability to raw materials. Cylindrical utilization area is small, the equipment is heavy and power consumption high. The equipment itself is without grading function so the discharged green-balls are with uneven granularities and need to be screened. Cylinder ball making equipment has large cycle load, it reduces productivity and increases transportation consumption, so it is not adopted by domestic industries.
(B) Disc ball making equipment
The disc ball making equipment is widely used at home and abroad, pelletizing plants in China almost use this equipment; it can be divided into bevel driving gear disc disk grain making machine and internal gear ring driving disk grain making machine according to structure.
The bevel gear driving disc pelletizer is mainly composed by disc, blade, blade holder, umbrella gear, small bevel gear, spindle, inclination-adjustment institution, reducer, motor, V-belt and the base. Its running speed can be adjusted by changing the diameter of pulley and the disc inclination can be adjusted by screw.
The green-balls produced by disc disk granulator have uniform size without cyclic loading. If adopt the solid fuel, we can add an annular groove in the edge of the disc so that adhere solid fuel to the surface of the green balls without adding another specialized equipment.

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