Measures to improve the efficiency of ball grinder

(1) Increasing the effective volume
Increasing the effective volume of ball grinder can increase mill productivity; for example, the selection of magnetic liner could increase effective volume of the cylinder and relatively reduce weight and power consumption. However, thin magnetic liner also has some drawbacks: due to the small thickness, its anti-sticking ability is worse than that of current Cr-Mn-Mo alloy cast steel liner, prone to rupture. Hongxing machine adopts groove ring liner, which increases the contact surface of ball and ore, strengthens grinding roles and reduces energy consumption.
(2) Increasing the filling rate and rotational speed
The ball mill processing capacity is improved with the increasing of steel ball filling rate. Improving filling rate could increase the grinding rate of steel balls and the autogenous grinding capacity of ores. Ball mill load reaches the maximum in the case of fall filling rate is 45%, when more than 45%, its load dropped significantly with the increase of filling rate.
(3) Changing the shape of grinding media
We can choose an oval ball medium to replace the current ball medium; oval ball has the following advantages:
1) Comparing with the ball of same diameter, the oval ball weight increases by 62%, enhancing impact capacity and improving crushing capacity;
2) Line contacts between oval balls can instead of the point contacts between balls, the contact area is four times larger than the ball’s; it has selective crushing and good screening role on materials and the particle size is uniform, reducing over-crushed phenomenon;
3) The surface area of the oval sphere is increased by 8% comparing with the ball of same diameter; it increases the contact surface of the steel ball media and materials as well as improves grinding capability;
4) oval ball reduces the liner wear caused by ball medium, reduces the impact between steel ball media and mill liners, thereby reducing the wear of steel ball media and mill liners, and extending service life;
5) Oval ball also has anti-static and anti-moisture role, which can reduce the adsorption of fine powder and reduce the phenomenon of saturation grinding.

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